Private Events

Guidelines & Policies

To host a private event in the banquet room, a Food & Beverage Minimum must be met. A Food & Beverage Minimum is a monetary amount a guest must spend to secure the private banquet room event space. The food and beverage minimum does not include tax (8%) or gratuity (20%). Additionally, a $200 non-refundable deposit is required to secure the date and time of the private event. The $200 deposit will be applied to the final bill at the conclusion of the event.


Food & Beverage Minimum Amounts

January 2023 through November 2023

Friday & Saturday after 4pm  - $2600 

Sunday through Tuesday through Thursday after 4pm - $850

Tuesday through Sunday before 4pm - $500


Food & Beverage Minimum Amounts – December 2023

Friday & Saturday after 4pm - $3200 Sunday

Tuesday through Thursday after 4pm - $1600

Tuesday through Sunday before 4pm  - $800


Guest Guarantee

A guest guarantee is the number of guests you guarantee for your private event. The guest guarantee and menu selections are required 10 days prior to your event so that we can ensure proper staffing and food preparation for your event. The guaranteed number is not subject to reduction and represents the minimum number of guests for which you will be charged. If the actual guest count the day of the event is more than the guarantee, final charges will be based on the number of people served.


Pricing & Custom Packages

To ensure quality service, ordering “off the menu” is not available for private events. All events require a package to selected from the banquet menu. Fireside Grille offers several custom packages that offer a wide range of selections to ensure there is something for everyone for your event. The shower package and the lunch package are available for events held between 11am – 4pm. The appetizer package, as well as Custom Dinner #1 & Custom Dinner #2 are available all day, every day. See the banquet menu below for package details. All food & beverage is subject to 8% sales tax & 20% gratuity.

All packages are priced on a “per-person” basis. The total cost for a private event incorporates the Food & Beverage Minimum, the “per-person” price of the selected package, the guest guarantee, as well as the cost of any alcoholic beverages purchased (see bar options below). The total cost of the event is either the Food & Beverage Minimum or the Guest Guarantee multiplied by the “per-person” price of the selected package, whichever is higher.

All pricing is subject to change until the deposit is received. All bills must be settled at the conclusion of your event by cash or credit card.  


Pricing Example


11am-3:30pm Private Event in January = $500 Food & Beverage Minimum

Guest Guarantee: 25 peop

Package Selected: Lunch Package $19.99/pers

Total Cost: $500 (plus 8% tax & 20% gratuity)

If 20 people attend the event, the cost would be the $500 Food & Beverage Minimum (plus 8% tax & 20% gratuity) because 20 people multiplied by the “per person” price of $19.99 does not meet the $500 Food & Beverage Minimum.



11am-3:30pm Private Event in January = $500 Food & Beverage Minimum

Guest Guarantee: 50 peop

Package Selected: Lunch Package $19.99/pers

Total Cost: $999.50 (plus 8% tax & 20% gratuity)

If 40 people attend the event, the cost would be $999.50 (plus 8% tax & 20% gratuity) because the Guest Guarantee of 50 people multiplied by the “per person” cost of $19.99 is higher than the Food & Beverage Minimum.

In this same example, if 60 people attend the event, the cost would be $1199.40 (plus 8% tax & 20% gratuity). 60 multiplied by the “per-person” price of $19.99.


Bar / Adult Beverage Service

All alcoholic beverage sales are regulated by the State of Illinois. Fireside Grille, as a licensee, is responsible for the administration of these regulations within our facilities. Alcoholic beverages cannot be brought into Fireside Grille from outside sources. We reserve the right to refuse beverage service to any person without legal age verification (21) or anyone who appears intoxicated. Absolutely no underage drinking will be permitted on premises, even if accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

Fireside Grille does not offer “bar packages” or “alcohol packages.” The host chooses either open bar (the host pays the bar bill for all guests), cash bar (guests pay their own bar bills), or a combination thereof. The host does have the ability to limit what is purchased through the “open bar” option (e.g., beer & wine only). Your guests do not need to go the physical bar. Your serving staff will be happy to deliver the adult beverages to the banquet room. Furthermore, there is no bar in the banquet room.

No outside food or beverages (except desserts) may be brought into the restaurant.


Table Arrangement / Room Set-Up / Decorations

We will arrange the tables and chairs based upon your Guest Guarantee. We will make every attempt to arrange the tables to your liking. However, we will consider the ability for your guests and the service staff to safely move about the room and get to the emergency exit. Tables may not be moved without the permission of Fireside Grille prior to event. The capacity of the banquet room is 80 people.

Decorating using metallic confetti, glitter, sand, paint, and all varieties of tape are prohibited. Candles must be in adequate holders to catch the wax. If you choose to have candles you are responsible for lighting them. Any potpourri or flower petals scattered on the tables must be placed on a mirror or other protective surface. Real flowers may be used as centerpieces, but flower petals scattered on tables must be artificial. Hanging materials from the walls or ceiling is prohibited. Tacks and nails are prohibited. Failure to follow decorating guidelines will result in a $175.00 fee.

All decorating must be done during your rental period. There is no access to the banquet room before the restaurant opens for business for the day. Day time banquets may be scheduled from 11am-3:30pm Tuesday through Saturday, and from 11:30am-3:30pm Sunday. Evening banquets may be scheduled to begin at 4:30pm Tuesday-Sunday.

Damage or vandalism to property that occurs during banquet room rental period, by any member attendingthe client event, will be the sole responsibility of the client. Damage or vandalism will be shown to the clientbefore repairs are made. However, Fireside Grille, has sole discretion of who performs the repairs(contractor) or replacement products and all fees incurred will be the financial responsibility of the client.

Fireside Grille offers the use of the 75” flat screen TV for your event. You may provide the restaurant withvideo, photos, slideshow, etc. Furthermore, you may connect your laptop or other device to the TV via anHDMI connection or a wireless connection provided that your device has the capability.